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Jon Gosselin had his stripping debut on Saturday night — as part of his 40th birthday celebration — only (a) he didn't actually strip, and (b) the whole thing was a bizarre April Fools' Day joke because he apparently hates the media?!?! Reports at the club — Dusk Nightclub in Atlantic City, New Jersey — had it that Jon was FAR from X-rated, only going so far as to show off a few (fully clothed) dance moves alongside the . Then, early this morning, Jon released a bizarre and kind of uncomfortable video on Facebook where he complained about the media and insinuated that the whole strip club joke was a spoof Splish splash, she is taking a pass!

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Prescott, the CEO and co-founder of digital image site Dreamstine, and Gosselin, the infamous mother of eight, are said to have been spotted together as she filmed the new season of last fall. Both Prescott and Gosselin are, of course, fairly savvy to the workings of the media and paparazzi.During Tuesday night's episode of the TLC docuseries, Kate took all her kids — minus her missing son Collin — to a park to play their version of (aka dodgeball with NERF bows and arrows).Kate sighed, “Oh whatever, I’m not dating him.” She added, “He’s a business guy.There have been rumors over the years since Kate’s split from Jon that she was involved with her bodyguard, Steve Neild, despite their denials.In fact, as previously reported by the , though this is the first that Prescott’s presence has been mentioned. That's because in Tuesday night's all-new , the mother-of-eight flat out refuses to take part in a casual family helicopter crash simulation — Ya know, on second thought… Video: Jon Gosselin Says He Hasn't Seen Collin In 1.5 Years!


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