Real life cam germany

:-)Had a friend at school who moved to Copenhagen 40 years ago.

He loves it - we've stayed in touch, maybe I'll go one day!

So, sounds like Ireland is business rather than pleasure? It takes at least 2 flights, depending on where we go (sometimes 3 for cheaper).

I'm an Irish citizen, so travel over as much as possible to see family. But we had two choices for next summer and hubby chose Stockholm/Copenhagen; so we'll have to put this one off a bit longer. I travel for work occasionally, so it will be Ireland in 2019.

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Doing so will start the gallery with the ability to browse through all of the Berlin webcams shown below.The name Kukuvayia, “the owl”, reflected the bird’s eye view of this place, which was used as a German observation post during WWII. :) I work for a community choir and we travel with some of our youth singers every couple of years.Today is the second largest city of the island, a city that has preserved its traditional architecture and preserves most of the monuments from the time of Venetians and Turks.Main sights of Chania are: the Old Town and the Venetian Harbour, the Maritime Museum, the Archaeological museum, the house of Eleftherios Venizelos, the graves of the Venizelos Family, the War Museum and many other monuments of Byzantine, Venetian, Ottoman and modern period.For me, it's just a couple of hours from London on the train, so no excuse not to go regularly. We usually stay (at the Casselburgh Hotel ~ lovely place) for 5/6 days and it's never too long.


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