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If you want the live feed, you will need to reload the page.Best results will come from using a Chrome Browser app. If you are unable to receive the feed, try whatever different browser app is available to you from your specific 'App store'a variety of codes for identification and to relay information.For example, 10-4 means "Message Understood", and if police are told to respond to a 935, they are responding to a possible "Intoxicated Person".Scroll down this page for the complete list of codes as you hear them used, and you will quickly understand what is happening Below are the "10 codes".

However, having a life insurance policy does not mean that you will get life cover for all kinds of deaths.

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At the same time, it also provides peace of mind to the living person.

He or she knows that his family or dependents won’t have to bear any hardships even if he dies.


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