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Within this context, both husband and wife are each other’s protector and comforter, just as real garments “show and conceal” the body of human beings. The Quran continues to discuss the matter of marriage and states, "And among His Signs is this, that he created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your [hearts]…".Marriages within the Muslim community are incredibly important.

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Meanwhile, children of Zoroastrian men who intermarry are likelier to be accepted.However, what just happened a couple hours ago brought our true situation very present to me.I am a secret to almost everyone he knows, and when he took me out to lunch at his favorite café he asked me not to hug him when I arrived, just shake hands.Parsis, the descendants of the Zoroastrians who fled Iran for India, represent the largest portion of the Zoroastrian population globally; the other portion lives in Iran.Muslim Americans: No Signs of Growth in Alienation or Support for Extremism The first-ever, nationwide, random sample survey of Muslim Americans finds them to be largely assimilated, happy with their lives, and moderate with respect to many of the issues that have divided Muslims and Westerners around the world.The resulting study, which draws on Pew’s survey research among Muslims around the world, finds that Muslim Americans are a highly diverse population, one largely composed of immigrants.


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