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Parship, Tinder, OKCupid, Elite Partner, Planet Romeo, Bumble, Minder, Finya, Boompi und viele mehr. Und Eric Hegmann, der als Autor und als Single- und Paarcoach unter anderem für Parship arbeitet.

Es gibt etwa 2500 Dating-Plattformen und Apps im deutschsprachigen Netz. Das Online-Dating ermöglicht die passgenaue Suche nach Mr. Auf Twitter führt er sogar den schönen Titel "Chief Love Officer".

Neuroscientist at The University of California, San Francisco and author of “The Female Brain” and “The Male Brain”, Louann Brizendine, says that women are disadvantaged online due to the omission of cues like eye contact and physical demeanour – she says this reduces women to “physical appearance and willingness to copulate”.

However, founder of e Flirt Laurie Davis highlights that online dating offers people a larger pool of potential matches and therefore increases the opportunity to meet someone.

A recent article by Salon questions whether online dating is a good tool for women, discussing how different genders use online dating and why women might find the experience disheartening.

Carberry also touches on how dating platforms tailor to different genders and speaks to Her founder Robyn Exton, who says: “The way men and women date is so different.

Wer sich da durcharbeiten will, hat ein bisschen was zu tun. Da teilt sich das Lager in Optimisten und Pessimisten.

Zwischen diesen Polen haben wir uns in unserer Diskussion am 30. Zudem Martin Schinagl, der sich für seine Masterarbeit in Europäischer Ethnologie auf diversen Portalen angemeldet hat.

Truth is, most people meet their partners at pretty run-of-the-mill places—bars, work, school, through friend fix-ups, and yes, online.

And when it comes down to it, the online dating world is really like one big bar, where you can look around, see someone who piques your interest, and start up a conversation.


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