Does active directory lock when updating sim 2 dating

When logging in to an Active Directory controlled system, the system is given a token that it can use to gain access to network resources for the user without the user having to re-enter their password.

Is this token kept when locking the system or reacquired when unlocking?

They did not change the password recently and that they did nothing to lock their account. After a quick google search I found numerous posts but nothing helped find the cause of domain lockouts.

Even though, their user account was locked out every 15 minutes – 30 minutes. Then I stumbled on the following MS Article Check list to resolve domain lockouts Programs Check which programs user is using.

I don't have a test lab set up to run Inception, but the trivial case to test this is can you run a new network process or create a new connection once you run inception.

Attempts to update or delete documents that have locks raise an error. You can set locks to last a specified time period or to last indefinitely.

Other users can still read documents that have locks, however. Because they are persistent, you can use locks to ensure that a document is not modified during a multi-transaction operation.

Several Days ago I had a case where several accounts got locked out.

I talked to users who were locked out of domain, but they all claimed that they knew the password. It took me a while to find a solution how to handle such situation.


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